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Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Home Remodeling and Repair

Great Home Improvement and Home Remodeling Ideas

As we approach Father’s Day weekend there are a lot of tools and home repair kits flying off the shelves. Dads will be happy to see they have a new power drill or torque wrench (you know, like the one that you lost last month). But instead of gifts that say “do more work”, why not a gift that says “you deserve to rest”? Tell Dad to put away the toolbox on his way to the hammock and get him a professional team to tackle the home repair and home remodeling needs.

From the smallest to the largest job, Dad will be delighted to see those cabinets finally fixed or happily surprised as he steps into his newly (and long-needed) remodeled bathroom. Here are a few more ideas to consider for the old man this year.


We’ve seen a lot of packed garages, toppled over with boxes, tools, and junk. We don’t want to suggest you throw Dad’s stuff out but we bet it won’t be hard to convince him to let go of the chaos with the installment of garage shelves. Shelves in the garage are a good way to create additional space and move the clutter off the floor. Not only will it give you more walking space, but the shelves will make it easier for Dad to get to some of his favorite things. This is especially true of tools. Utilizing shelves and specialized racks, you can bring to light the tools that Dad usually spends too much time rummaging for. He might even finally find that torque wrench (you know, the one that you lost last month).


Window and door replacements are perfect fixes to excuse Dad from and pass on to the professionals. Especially in the long days of summer when the worst heat is seeping in. Take a look around the house to identify what windows and doors need work. Indications of replacement include rotted wood, warping, and windows or doors Homely not closing very well. Not only for aesthetic and money-saving reasons but having well-functioning doors and windows is good for the security of your home.


Not only is it tough but it also requires working at heights. Maybe Dad would rather spend his afternoon on the ground and inside watching a game. Check your roof to see if it needs repair or re-strengthening, especially with the monsoons around the corner. We’ve seen plenty of roofs damaged by microbursts and other harsh weather that could have otherwise been avoided with a little preventative care.  


Sure Dad likes to get his hands dirty but let him get his fingers covered in cheese dip this weekend and not plaster. Plasterwork can help with eye-soars like cracks and sagging ceilings. Keep Dad away from this heavy work and let a professional team fix your plaster.


Save Dad from the heat of summer and let a team of professionals work efficiently to finish a spot on paint job inside or outside the house. The timing could be perfect for a new coat or maybe you just need some new colors to liven up the home. Either way, Dad will be happy to see his week saved from hard labor that otherwise can be spent in the hammock he installed with his newly found torque wrench (you know, the one that you had lost last month). 


We’ve seen plenty of yards that look more like yard sales – shovels, hoses, game balls, toys, and more on the ground and everywhere. Solve the mess with a work shed where Dad can store important tools, sporting equipment, and more. It will also be perfect timing before the desert monsoons hit – a season of rusting and warping of things left in the yard. Depending on the unit, it can be Dad’s quick storage space or an entire work area for those DIY projects. There is a wide range of work sheds available.


There’s not as much of a “need” for this as there is a “want” but hey, doesn’t Dad finally deserve it? Few things will make him smile like a new or remodeled game room to highlight his favorite sports, games, movies, or whatever makes his gears turn.


Dad probably likes spending time on the deck or another place where he quietly likes to wonder about why he doesn’t have a deck. Either way, this is the ultimate project to get started now with a professional team to help take the pressure of old Dad. Get the initial planning going so that Dad can lie back and imagine the wonderful things to come. A professional team can help move through the environmental assessment and construction of anything from an outdoor kitchen deck to a fired-up grill. We’ll just make sure that we don’t make any torque wrench jokes when we come!

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