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Finish An Unfinished Basement Or Attic

If your family is growing out of your current home, but the market still isn’t right for you to buy? Don’t worry you’re not alone! Many homeowners are finding themselves in this position lately. Thankfully we can help you with this problem. Let us help you finish an unfinished basement or attic. We could add an office, extra bedroom, or even a basement apartment.

The key to being successful in remodeling a basement or an attic is choosing the right insulation. Since moisture is a common issue in basements, a product that is vapor permeable, dimensionally stable and mold and moisture resistant is critical. Heat in the attic is a severe problem here in the desert. So, a product that is going to keep heat in in the summer, but release heat in the summer, is just as critical. We can even find products that would protect against mold and mildew growth that has an added benefit of being fire-resistant up to 2,150 F. If indoor traffic sounds are going to be a concern, we also have products that ensure your new space will be a quite peaceful one.

The possibilities aren’t just limited to expanding your living space, we could also help you add an in home theater, recreation room, or more. The possibilities are endless, and the increase in the resale value or income potential of your home is measurable.